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Thread: Do Lantern Rings Stack?

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    Do Lantern Rings Stack?

    If I have 2 of the common Lantern Ring fielded do my Green and Blue Lanterns get +2/+2, or is it just +1/+1 while a ring is fielded?

    Our WoL Rainbow Draft event is tomorrow so I just wanted to figure out the ruling on this.

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    Found it!

    When you pull two of the same action dice (wither it be basic or a action card you bring to the game) and both hit on there Indicator. Can you use both dice and activate the action twice.

    For example:

    You bring Teamwork and hit both of your action dice. you have 5 char's in play so could you activate both to trigger Teamwork twice giving your team +5/+5 Twice for a total of +10/+10 or would it just trigger once for +5/+5

    You bring Save Civilians and again hit on both of your action dice. So you trigger it twice, would it lower the fielding cost by 2 and allow you to draw 2 dice. or just 1 each.

    Yes. If you roll two of the same action dice, you may use the ability twice and, with respect to the actions you cited, those abilities would stack.
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    Yeah I wasn't sure if this was different for a continuous action. The way Lantern Ring reads is the character (Lantern Ring) needs to be active not the dice. I'm probably over thinking it.

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    Ok i was not sure, because i didnt read the text for the ring, but i think, the ring falls under the "While Active" Rule, so no matter how many dice you have it is still +1/+1 and no stacking. :/

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