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Thread: Timing of purchasing die/dice

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    Timing of purchasing die/dice

    I was watching a recorded DM game recently and saw what looked like the active player purchasing a die before the cleanup step. After reviewing it I think what I saw was a late main step purchase, as in "oh, before I end my turn I meant to purchase some dice".

    This got me thinking,can the active player purchase die/dice outside of the Main Step? (e.g. after the Attack Step given the necessary energy still in the Reserve Pool).
    The rules state, in the Main Step section: "On your turn, you can purchase any combination of dice you like." The use of "turn" allows for the possibility of some trickery.

    Assuming that the answer to the above is no, are there any known card effects/timing tricks that enable this?


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    Rare Deadman can allow you to trigger when fielded effects as a KO trigger.

    A few cards allow you to purchase things "when fielded". Also, Nefarious Geneticist allows you to purchase when he blocks.

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    Legendary Harper Elf Wizard allows you to buy something in the attack step. That and the above are all I've seen that allow you to purchase outside of the main step. You could also use a limited wish before damage...that kind of counts for this

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    Really hard to tell. But it looked to me like he asked Mat how many dice were in his bag. Then purchased the Kobold and ends the turn. He did not need to pass priority because Mat had no energy in reserve. And the active player may choose to skip the attack step and end the turn.

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