View Poll Results: Stack one, pick one! What's your first pick for this draft?

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  • Kobold, Lesser Humanoid

    0 0%
  • Owlbear, Lesser Beast

    0 0%
  • Manticore, Lesser Beast

    3 25.00%
  • Vampire, Lesser Undead

    1 8.33%
  • Tarrasque, Lesser Abberation

    0 0%
  • Zombie, Lesser Undead

    2 16.67%
  • Red Dragon, Lesser Dragon

    4 33.33%
  • Dwarf Cleric, Greater Emerald Enclave

    0 0%
  • Half-Orc Fighter, Greater Lord's Alliance

    1 8.33%
  • Carrion Crawler, Greater Abberation

    1 8.33%
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Thread: Make the Pick #1 - D&D

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    Make the Pick #1 - D&D

    It's your first stack, first pick of a standard D&D Rainbow Draft. What's the pick?

    I am limited to 10 on the poll, so I got rid of two less likely candidates. In case you like them, those are listed below.

    SHOW YOUR WORK! Tell us why you made the pick that you did!


    Stirge, Lesser Beast

    Magic Sword, Paragon Gear

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    I'm going with the Zombie. Inexpensive to purchase/field, can be equipped with gear, and has a chance to come back if knocked out during attack step.

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    I'd say Red Dragon, particular because of its global and the effect of being fielded for free when the opponent has two or more non-NPC characters. Since this is a standard D&D draft and from experience, I expect games to go on for longer and with the stats that Red Dragon has + Breath Weapon 2, it's a big threat that can help stall and build up your board until you can swing for huge damage, especially if your opponent goes for a more aggro approach with lower cost characters.

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    Ultimately this comes down to dice on the table for me. If I see a bunch of Red Dragon, then I'm ok passing it, figuring one will come around. If it's short, then I'll take it. Overall, I'll take Manticore because you can get it out from the beginning. It's also a creature you're likely going to get at least 2, probably 3 dice of, and that works to your advantage long term. I can use everyone else's Red Dragon global if I have to, and I'm ok without it because I have the long game with Manticore anyways.

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    I think I accidentally clicked Zombie, but I'd choose Red Dragon. His global is super relevant, and most of the time there is a Half-Dragon somewhere to be picked so actually fielding it isn't that unreasonable. There are plenty of smaller guys to pick up in D&D, so I'm not concerned about letting the zombie go.

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    Name:  image.jpg
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Size:  24.0 KB I chose manticore because I like the Marvel version, Pyro. Straight forward damage, you control when it happens and it has nice TFC of 4, average being 1! If it gets chump blocked, you have a nice blocker next turn. Oh and 4 cost. Cat beat that in my book

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    I went with Carrion Crawler - cheap TFC and I like his ability to manage and control NPC weenie boards.

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    I picked Red Dragon, because that would be the one I'd have wanted in my set. Was a coin-flip between that and the Manticore. I like the cheap cost of bringing him in, and chip damage is always nice.

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    Don't discount those weenie boards in draft. Saw a lot of walls in DC today.

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