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Thread: Thursday Nights - Madison, WI - I'm Board Games and Family Fun

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    Thursday Nights - Madison, WI - I'm Board Games and Family Fun

    Every Thursday night from 6-9 PM we play dice masters at I'm Board Games in Madison, WI.

    Come by and check out the game or bring your favorite team. The store runs drafts on the first Thurdays of the month and we will now be doing constructed tournaments on the third Thursday.

    On off weeks we select a theme on the facebook group.

    This Thursday we'll be playing a number rainbow. (9/25/2015)

    Bring 8 cards and 20 dice, each card on your team must have a different numbered cost. (You can always bring anything but the theme teams are for fun )

    Hope to see some faces there!

    I'll try to post our off week themes on here each Monday!

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    This week in Madison we'll be doing a D&D draft at 6 PM.

    The OP Prizes will be Drow Assassin, Dwarf Cleric and Elf Wizard!

    Come on out and have some fun with this quality draft set!

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    This week's fun off week theme will be no globals.

    Construct a team (basic actions included) that doesn't use globals!

    See everyone Thursday for some fun!

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    A double bonus event this week.

    We have full constructed at Pegasus Games on Sunday at 11:00 (Register at 10:30).

    Followed by another full constructed event at I'm Board Games Thursday 11/19 at 6:00 PM (ASM will be legal for this event!!!!)

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    We will be having a for fun draft of ASM this coming Tuesday at I'm board, starting sharply at 6 PM. Try to make it for some fun!

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    Thanks for coming out for this special Tuesday night edition. We had 9 spider-man players and saw 3 Super Rares!

    Special shout out to two players who were traveling for the holidays (from Jimmy's flowing locks) and 2 new players to the meta.

    Also one local member who brought some spider-themed prizes.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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