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Thread: "Block" Constructed

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    Well you could look first at the Reviews and Podcast on TRP(here).
    I guess Lantern Manipulation and Teamattacking things.

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    I have a feeling WoL constructed is going to be the best "in set" constructed since DnD. and may even be better than DnD!

    Fear Sinestro Corps!

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    Teen Titans + UC Warth is a real thing. Nearly endless ramp then bring Ranx and Scarecrow to shut down Lanterns if they get to heavy.

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    Yeah with Big entrance you can usually buy a common Raven and Beast Boy turn 2.

    Turn 3 I got Warth and some prep.

    By turn 4 your are pumping out Titans.

    I only played this in draft so far but it seems legit for block constructed.

    Remember to plan on fielding a few side kicks to stop any Big Entrance Guy Gardner Rush teams.

    Common Raven and Beast Boy are amazingly effective for 3 cost, even better for two cost when you use big entrance.

    I went something like this

    Beast Boy (C) x 4
    Raven (C) x 4
    Starfire (SR) x 2
    Wondergirl (R) x 2
    Warth (UC) x 2
    Scarecrow (C) x 2
    Lyssa Drak (C) x 2
    Jade (C) x 2

    Numbers were probably slightly lower due to draft.

    Jade common is great prep you just attack with her anytime that way Warth can be alone to give you free prep. You can also save them both and block with her to make Warth the solo lantern.

    Lyssa is another attack often card as you don't want to build up lantern characters but if you find your opponent buying a lot of cheap units it helps to put those side kicks in the bad.

    Warth has already been explained sac him get free stuff his 5/4 side isn't too shabby when you are looking for lethal either.

    Scarecrow's common feels like the must pick for any constructed team limited to WoL. Making all of one lantern type cost 1 more to field is crazy. It completely shuts down and Indigo-1 Munk shenanigans as their TFC goes from 3 to 6! He's a niche pick buy if your opponent is mono colored and it will buy you a few turns. He also has a nice 5 defense on his level 3 side to help stop any super girl shenanigans.

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    Note Starfire can easily be replaced by her Common version if you don't have the SR. I got really luck in draft SR starfire first from one set of 6 packs, R wondergirl first from second set of 6 packs.

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    Not constructed but that's the team I drafted and I pretty much dominated all my games with it. Looked up all the cards and that team is exactly what I want to use for constructed

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    Here's my typical weak attempt at building constructed teams:;3x31wol

    I feel I need more ramp!
    sorry, can't give an explanation on how it works, I'm at work, but it's supposed to be control. Lex Luther is actually my attacker! (to avoid Mera global)

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