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Thread: Gameholecon - Madison, WI

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    Gameholecon - Madison, WI

    We are looking at organizing some events for Gameholecon.

    I'll keep everyone updated here but if anyone in the Midwest would be interested in attending let me know and I can shoot you some info when we finish the details.


    Friday Night - Draft
    Saturday Constructed Tournament
    Sunday - ????

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    Todays the last day to preregister for Gameholecon.

    The draft will be Friday Night and the constructed on Sunday we have lots of goodies for prizes: (key-chains, dice bags, promos etc).

    If you are going to be around for more than that day let me know and I can get you in contact with alot of local players who would be happy to play pick up games the entire con.

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    Draft is tomorrow night and constructed on Sunday, if you are hesitating don't!

    Plenty of local players will be there in the game library and around the con. Lots of pick up games and other games to try!

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    Great event! I'll post some team pictures later today, we had a blast and hope to be back and bigger next year.

    We had 4 players for the draft (the weekday event) and 6 for the constructed but many people came by to check out the game.

    For prizes we had:
    -Handmade Spider-man and Batman bag to go along with the next two comic sets.
    -Heroclix life counter dials of Green Lantern and Spider-man
    -The Outsider/Batman/Atomica OP kits
    -AvX packs for the constructed tournament

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