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Thread: Hot sales/deals thread

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    Hot sales/deals thread

    Coolstuffinc is having a "Tabletop Day Sale" until the 13th. The Dice Masters deals appear to be the following:

    - UXM gravity feed - $45 (50% off)
    - BFF gravity feed - $45 (50% off)
    - UXM magnetic box - $10 (again, 50% off)

    These items are eligible for the free shipping over $100 offer too. If you're missing some UXM or BFF, perhaps it's time to fill out your collection!

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    Resisting the urge ... for now.

    If the play mats were on sale I'd probably pick a couple up. I'm thinking if I have some spares it would be easier to get some friends playing with me because I could setup the table and they could just show up and play.

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