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    Here are two I really enjoy I made out of my extras:

    Team One: Spinning Fists

    Team Two: Avenging Guardians

    I made these teams with extra cards and dice I had. I tried to make them fairly balanced and fun to play. They shouldn't be too difficult for new players and they do a pretty good job of showing off various mechanisms of the game.

    EDIT TO ADD: Forgot AOU colon codes aren't active yet. Sorry.

    EDIT 2: List of Cards for teams

    Spinning Fists
    Ant-Man- Biophysicist
    Black Widow- Oktober
    Vision- Density Control
    Sabertooth- Something to Prove
    She-Hulk- Jennifer Walters
    Colossus- Unstoppable
    Red Hulk- Thunderbolt Ross
    Professor X- Recruiting Young Mutants

    Avenging Guardians Team
    Gamora- Assassin
    Rocket Raccoon- "Blam! Murdered you!"
    Wasp- Bio-Electric Blasts
    Spider-Woman- Jessica Drew
    Giant Man- Original Avenger
    Starhawk- The One Who Knows
    Star-Lord- Reluctant Prince
    Groot- Protector
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