This Saturday, The Destination in Louisville, KY is hosting the third OP event for D&D Dice Masters. It will be a Rainbow Draft. The event will have a slight twist, however, as players will be able to bring one card with a Global ability from any set other than Battle for Faerun. The card will not count toward the 8 Card maximum, and will have no dice (so it is not able to be purchased/fielded/used). The Global ability itself, on the other hand, will be available to both players as normal. Perhaps a little PXG for the NPCs? Or, maybe Black Lantern Global for ANYONE who can roll all the energy?

The event will begin at 12:30 PM. The cost will be $12 for the boosters.

The WES link: http://www.wizkidseventsystem.com/ev...VENT_ID=128449