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Thread: Preordered from CSI- a question for you all

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    Preordered from CSI- a question for you all

    I preordered two boxes of WoL from CSI since the price was ridiculously low ($52 per box with free shipping). They use FedEx Ground which is disappointingly slow, but that's just me complaining. When I used to preorder Magic stuff years ago, most of the time the product was shipped to where it arrived on or a day after the street date. CSI shipped the product on the street date. Is that par for the course with WizKids product? I've been frustrated watching the package tracking updates and it says that my expected delivery date is still three days out.

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    CSI has confirmed to me that they cannot ship prior to the street date, so yes all Dice Masters will be shipped on that date. I also prordered a sealed case+ from them, it shipped 09/16 from FL and arrived 09/19 in CO.

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    GK, mine shipped on the same day and is scheduled for 09/26/15 delivery in Nevada. That's a Saturday, so it could be 09/28/15.

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    @cbone3 You should be fine, FedEx delivers on Saturday (mine delivered on a Saturday too).

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    Yes, par for the course. Got my JL GF a week after release date and I'm expecting my WOL GF to get here today.

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    I ordered AOU feeds from Miniature Market. They arrived on release day when I paid for the 2 day shipping. I was very happy with that.

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    jT and I are not too far apart geographically but received our stuff multiple days apart

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