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Thread: Sangan - Uncommon

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    Sangan - Uncommon

    I just want to make sure I'm reading/thinking about this right.

    Card text: "When this monster gets knocked out, you may return a monster (other than this one) from your used piled to your prep area."

    The word return suggests that Sangan's effect does not work on characters I've purchased this turn, only on characters who've already cycled through my bag, is this correct? Since monsters only go from prep to used if they aren't fielded, "return" would be super niche if applied based on plain English...
    In general, return seems like a very odd word in this choice, and I can't tell if they meant 'move' or if they were explicitly looking to avoid that.


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    I've always played it as if it said move. Based on how it's written, that's the intent in my opinion.

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    Unless they define return in a rulebook, I would not assume "return" has those implications. Too often I see players attempting to add more meaning to a word than is implied by the defined mechanics of the game. "Return" is used in many different ways, all of them are synonyms of move, and while they may have contextual reasons to chose "return" over "move" but the choice doesn't create implied mechanical implications, it is simply a choice of wording.
    For example:
    * If Colossus damaged your opponent, return Colossus to the prep area instead of the used pile.
    Colossus does not need to have EVER been in the Prep area to be "returned" there.

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate it. After Jocasta and a few other more cards with not-necessarily intuitive texts, I've started to second guess a lot of my interpretations.

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