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Thread: Razorback's War of Light Trade List

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    Razorback's War of Light Trade List

    War of Light Rares

    Carol Ferris- True Love (x2)
    Dex-Starr- "I good kitty"
    Fatality- Forgiving Heart
    Indigo-1- "Nok!" (x2)
    Jade- Empowered by the Starheart
    Larfleeze- MINE! (x2)
    Lyssa Drak- Fear the Unknown (x2)
    Miri Riam- Capable of Great Love
    Mogo- Doesn't Socialize
    Raven- Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos! (x2)
    Spectre- Celestial Frenzy (x2)
    Supergirl- Last Daughter of Krypton
    Superboy Prime- Troublesome (x2)
    Wondergirl- Barbed Lasso

    Atrocitus- Bloody Leader
    Bleez- Controlled Rage
    The Flash- Believe in the Impossible
    Ranx- Blot Out the Stars
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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorback View Post
    War of Light Rares
    Hi, The Flash and Ranx for Mogo and Jade?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crestfallen View Post
    Hi, The Flash and Ranx for Mogo and Jade?
    Yes. Sent a PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whimsical_One View Post
    I have the Atrocitus you want, but not sure how this works. Regardless, i would trade for your a Lysssa Drak, but not sur ehow trading works specifically.
    I accept your trade. I sent you a PM. Thanks!

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