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    Proxy Dice

    Let me preface this by saying a few things.

    1) I do not necessarily condone the use of proxy dice.
    2) I fully understand what the rules state in regards to proxy dice.
    3) Some of this information may not accurately reflect reality.
    4) I have a lot of free time on my hands.
    5) This is for informational purposes only.
    6) I am not responsible for what anyone does with this information.

    I define proxy dice as any die that is used in conjunction with a card that is not explicitly designed for use with said die. Not everyone has a full playset for testing purposes, or wants to otherwise fiddle around.

    This came from a thread discussing why we can't use dice with identical faces between multiple characters. It was originally intended to target unique characters, like the AvX Iron Man and the UXM Iron Man, which are identical on all six sides but are a different color and have a different character symbol. However, I wanted to know which other dice you could technically proxy onto another card and it would match on all faces (in terms of stats and energy). If you absolutely had to, and it was agreed upon ahead of time by all participants, here are the following character/die combinations that are identical. (Current up to WoL)

    • Marshmallon and Human Paladin (Both can also use Kuriboh, but Kuriboh cannot use their dice because their dice do not have a burst face).
    • AvX and UXM Angel
    • JUL and WoL Wonder Woman
    • AvX and UXM Captain America
    • Superman and Superboy Prime
    • Atom, The Atom, and Atomica
    • AvX Black Widow and Half-Orc Fighter
    • Black Canary and Guy Gardner
    • Daredevil and Orc
    • AvX and UXM Spider-Man
    • JUL and WoL The Flash
    • Doomcaliber Knight can use Venom's dice, but not the other way around because Venom requires burst faces unless using a version of Venom that does not rely on burst faces.
    • Ultron and She-Hulk
    • Anti-Monitor and Captain Universe
    • AvX Hulk and Red Hulk
    • Carol Ferris can use AvX Beast, but not the other way around because Beast requires burst faces.
    • AvX and UXM Storm
    • Lyssa Drak and Skeleton
    • AvX and UXM Mystique
    • AvX and UXM Professor X
    • JUL and WoL Batman
    • Green Lantern and Hal Jordan
    • AvX and UXM Magneto
    • Loki's Scepter, Lantern Power Ring, and Lantern Battery
    • Ring of Magnetism, Trap Hole, and Cerebro
    • Cheetah and Hawkman
    • Human Torch and Bleez
    • Quicksliver and Baby Dragon
    • AvX and UXM Cyclops
    • Phoenix, Phoenix Force, and Red Dragon
    • SHIELD Helicarrier, Mjolnir, Lantern Ring, and Batmobile
    • Limited Wish, Magic Helmet, Magic Sword, Prismatic Spray

    As a side note, and while obvious, if you plan on mixing a die for use on a card it was not originally designed for, and you're already running the card to which that die goes to, it's not going to work very well.
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    So, you might want to review this document for some additional ideas.

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