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Thread: Cleaning up the Forum with Search Function and Wiki - Feedback

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    Cleaning up the Forum with Search Function and Wiki - Feedback

    Hey there, before i start, i want to say, this is neither a good are bad feedback, but more like a feeling and my view of sight.

    Well i watched the forums, and it grows and grows with more and more threads. Sure with more and new people, the more knowledge they seeking.

    Well here it comes, i get the feeling, the search function is too hidden for much new players here, i looked in the Rules that are seperated from all other forums, maybe i oversaw it, but i dont find a point that sticks out for the Search Function and the importance.

    And the more threads coming up, the messier it gets for me to find something, or vice versa, the more im uninterested in read threads that sounds the same and contains almost the same.

    Sure you point back to old threads and play the silence-directing-(maybe bad)-guy. But thats also a big work with much time involved.

    So the idea i have to offer is a Sticky-Thread in every forum that points out in big letters the importance of some functions like Search Function and other stuff.

    And with this can go over to my second part.

    The Wiki. It is really cool and i can see so much potential in it, what WK in her own forum lacks. Some day i could use it as the best and biggest reference for something.

    I just wanted to say thanks to all of you that are working on it and using their free time and so on! GOOD JOB!

    just my 2 cents

    greetings Tom

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    The search is always in the upper left corner of the page. Do you think perhaps it should be colored differently to make it stand out? I've thought for a while that perhaps that non-scrolling bar at the top of the page might benefit from that.

    Are you suggesting that we have a sticky at the top of each forum titled something like "List of Important Threads" which links to the threads within that forum that everyone should be aware of and also gives a few tips (e.g., search function info)? I have a preference for keeping as few stickies as possible (but yes, still using them.) Your idea, if I understand it, sounds like a good way of doing that. Thumbs up from me. What does everyone else think?

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    Dont forget the search function the Forum at the right middle corner^^! I like to use it more.

    Well i dont know, a small tutorial for new players how to find what they seeking for or something similar. But made, so they see at it first sight, but with the time going on it will just blend and fit in the normal structure.

    Yeah you hit the mark with your post what i ment!^^

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