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Thread: Bat-bolt team idea

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    Bat-bolt team idea

    Hi all.

    New member, I just wanted to share a team I've come up with. It uses mainly batman cowardly and superstitious lot to boost power bolt.

    The team.

    Power bolt

    Batman. cowardly and superstitious lot
    Red dragon. lesser dragon (that's the one I've got)
    Iceman. too cool for words
    Professor x. Recruiting young mutants
    Human torch. Flame on
    Psylock. Kwannon the assassin
    Silver surfer. Silverado.
    Human paladin. Lesser emerald enclave.

    I'm sure you can see how it works but red dragons global to buy the power bolt and field batman asap. Prof and surfer for ramp, kwannon for cheap masks/problem solving Iceman to gain bolts to use with dragon and torches globals for extra damage. Human paladin for burn defense and distraction for attack defence.

    This is a tweaked version of the team that got me second in a local competition. Only lost to a gobby team (damn that gobby). I've now added the human paladin in an attempt to stop that.

    Any suggestions or thought on this set up?


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    if you have human torch johnny storm then use that instead of flame on. seems like a good team.

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