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Thread: How do you update Vassal with cards/dice from new sets?

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    How do you update Vassal with cards/dice from new sets?

    How does a user go about updating Vassal to include cards and dice from Dice Masters sets that came out after the original download?

    Used a generic thread title because I expect others will be in similar situations down the road, but here's the specifics of why I'm asking:

    Downloaded Vassal two or three weeks before War of Light came out. (Have been experimenting with it a little bit offline, but have yet to play an online game).

    I have 'WoL Cards' and 'WoL Dice' tabs visible, but most of the items in them are empty placeholders. That is, if I try to select (for e.g.) an Anti-Monitor card or die, nothing shows up in the corresponding pane.

    When (or if) development of the WoL module is done I want to end up with one Dice Masters module with all of the cards/dice (including, obviously, WoL). I'm just not sure how I go about getting there.

    If someone could provide a road map, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    There was a mostly complete WoL update on the 16th.

    If you go to the Marvel Dicemasters module download page you will see a list of extensions by version number and release date.

    If you are behind or missing completely an extension, down load it and drop it in you dicemasters extensions folder (should be in the same folder as your Vassal executable).

    If you do this right, you should get a pop up asking if you want to replace the old extension with the new one. If it is a brand new extension, there won't be a pop up and you will need to manually add that extension to your list the next time you open Vassal.

    For a more detailed walkthrough there are guides in the vassal 3.0 thread in this forum.

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