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Thread: Brettspiel advent calendar

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    It hasn't been announced anywhere yet. We won't know until people get them from Essen SPIEL and start opening them.

    That being said, I already have one coming my way, whatever it is :-)

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    Hawkeye is on the box, so it's probably an OP or alt art card from the first set.

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    Well they've said that 22/24 of the promos/expansions are completely new, so that'll be interesting. No idea (yet) if Dice Masters is one of the 22, or one of the 2.

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    You can try and order him on some website shops or you come to germany to SPIEL in Essen and grab one. it has many different small goodies and promos of Boardgames.

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    All the sites I see seem to be in German. Anyone have a link to a website where I could read what I am buying?

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    Here's the thing: you don't know what you're buying (exactly). It's an Advent Calendar with 24 small expansions/promos. They've released the list of what games the promos go with, but not what the promos actually are. All we know is that 22 of them are brand-new, never-before-released. The calendar has a print run of 3000, and will not be reproduced (though the individual publishers will more than likely make the promos/expansions available on their own, later). It is available for pre-order, to pick up at ESSEN SPIEL in Germany.

    The BoardGameGeek Store is currently planning on acquiring some to be sold in/from the US, but not until October/November. After ESSEN, some people will start opening their calendars and we will then know what the different promos actually are.

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    Confirmed: the promo is

    Spoiler Alert!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317 View Post
    Confirmed: the promo is

    Spoiler Alert!
    Not worth the money. Just buy 24 cheap games and make calendre from it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ressless View Post
    Not worth the money. Just buy 24 cheap games and make calendre from it
    Depending on how much it costs stateside, it may be worth it for me. I own 5-6 of the games, and I can sell the rest of the promos for probably $5 a pop or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacBV View Post
    Is there a list of all the promos in it?
    There's a list of all the *games* the promos are for. Most are brand new expansions.

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