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Thread: 'If you used a Basic Action Die this turn" Does spending energy count?

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    If you used the Energy side it wouldnt count as an Basic Action die that is used. You read it in the beginning pages of the rulebook i think what die is what.

    Using means, you used the effect of the card for this die. Otherwise you used it as a payment for a cost, nothing more.

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    DC War of Light Rulebook, Page 10:
    Playing Actions
    You may use the action faces on your action dice during your Main Step. To do so, apply the effect and then move the action die from your Reserve Pool to Out of Play (it will go to your Used Pile at the end of the turn). It costs no energy to use an action die.
    So, what @Ressless said :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317 View Post
    DC War of Light Rulebook, Page 10:

    So, what @Ressless said :-)
    Do as HE says!

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