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Thread: Lord of The Ring possible?

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    Lord of The Ring possible?

    I found today this from 2013. Looks really interesting.

    Is Wizkids a company that would merge some of their products?

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    They clearly have the license. Whether they will or not...we'll see.

    I own the game. It's...OK. The printed rulebook is horrible, but there's an updated one easily downloadable online that tremendously enhances the gameplay. It's very similar to Quarriors, except it's a co-op against the game rather than against the other players.

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    I'm half and half on this.

    What I plan on seeing in Dice Masters are identical sets that I've seen in Heroclix. AvX, UXM, JUL, AoU, WoL, all of them were already released in HC to include the upcomming ASM and Batman and Superman. I'm sure we'll see Invincible Iron Man in 2016 and possibly some Blackest Night.

    To that end, clix did do LotR. Not sure if it was an actual set release or just a Quick Start kit. Was a long time ago. I do know they did a short run of the various Hobbit movies recently, but that was only them banking on the popularity of the movies.

    They'll go with the market. I don't think the market is going to support a full LotR set. However, I don't see a problem with them eventually releasing a small set. Look at TMNT.

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