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Thread: Juggernaut and Beholder Combo

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    Juggernaut and Beholder Combo

    I love these podcasts and love listening to Off the Meta because it allows us to look back at older cards and bring them back into the game even if it's simply for fun. On a recent show Juggernaut was brought up and I was really interested to see if I could make him work.
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    I choose this version of Juggernaut for all the reasons stated in the show and because if I'd use BEWD he'd only have purchase cost of three.
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    Beholder is the next member of this team. Though expensive, his ability is will allow us to go for lethal in a single turn.
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    These are the two action cards I've chosen for the Beholder to exploit upon attacking. This will allow Juggernaut to go through unblocked for 9 to 10 damage without pumping him with the Anger Issues global.
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Name:	avx099-soaring.jpg 
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    Additionally, activating those actions will allow Angel to go through unblocked.

    Thus, this is a single turn kill combo. The idea is to be able to purchase 2-3 Angel dice early, ramp into a Beholder and somewhere along the way get a Juggernaut. Thus if all the stars align Juggernaut will do 10 damage, each of your three Angel dice will do 3 and hopefully you can have a fist in reserve to pump one of them with Anger Issues to push it to lethal.

    First, thoughts on this combo?

    Second, I've only used up four of eight slots on this team. Would love to hear what other cards you'd add to support this combo or ones that would make this combo more likely to succeed.

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    Uncommon Kobold for Swarm/ramp and extra energy for Anger Issues?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317 View Post
    Uncommon Kobold for Swarm/ramp and extra energy for Anger Issues?
    Yes! Maybe psylocke or storm for a low cost mask and more importantly, removal.

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