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Thread: My SLCC Regional Experience

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    My SLCC Regional Experience

    First off I am a local from SLC and was extremely excited for this event as these type of events don't come to Utah very often. And for those that were there I was the one with spiderman mat, dice tower, and life counter. This is not a top 8 team, but I just wanted to give people a summary of someone that didn't do as well as the top 8 teams did. I have included all my match ups from what I recall and my overall experience. I know I always want to see what is being played besides just the top 8 so here is my summary.

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    Ideal Strategy:
    Turn 1
    Big entrance + Red Dragon Global and PxG 2 times.
    Turn 2
    Hope for 80% of BE for multiple Tsarina dice purchase
    Turn 3
    Get out Tsarina’s
    Johnny was for long games. (Should have removed as I never used him)
    Ring was also for a longer game
    Parallax helped to get BE
    Puzzle for annoying fielded characters
    Kobold for ramp against Jinzo and Wasp
    Red Dragon to buy ring and BE at reduced cost

    Strategy worked 1 time in game 2

    Game 1

    Lost to Jinzo and Constantine
    had bad rolls he didn’t was able to get characters out and I lost due to Jinzo ability when I fielded ring and PxG. Was 1 turn from win when he rolled just enough sidekicks for leathal

    Game 2

    Was able to get combo to work like a charm purchased 2 Widows. Got ring During turn 3. rolled all my dice turn 4 and attacked with 3 widows and 2 fists in reserve.

    Game 3

    Against Guy Gardner rush
    This was a race from the first roll. He went with Guy Gardner rush with BE and I went with Tsarina’s. We were at the same life totals after each turn I would get him to 14 he would then do the same to me until I finally won cause of tsarina direct dmg.

    Game 4

    Against Wasp and Hulk (top 8 finisher)

    She was able to get out wasp early and I had no choice but to ramp into it. I did not roll well and had to go with kobolds. Once I got 2 tsarina’s it was too late she had hulk out. Hulk Killed my Swarm and tsarina’s. I bought a puzzle and was able to clear hulk but she rolled all her dice next turn and Hulk came back out. I could not keep anything but ring in the field and lost once she clear my board and attacked with Hulk and wasp.

    Game 5

    Against Spidee Bomb 2.0

    At this point I was exhausted and made a lot of poor decisions. He had a great team to counter mine. I had some luck when he re-rolled Spidee promo 3 times and no chapter face until he rolled him again and still had 3 fists to cut my life in half. Next turn I lost to Vicious Struggle got forced to attack with Tsarina and had the ring in the field and 4 fists in reserve. He forced me to attack with Mr Fantastic Global killed my self cause he had 2 Vicious Struggles stacked.

    Game 6

    Did not participate in this round. Was exhausted and wanted to enjoy the con.

    Learn a lot from my first big tournament experience. I have participated and won many events locally before this event. I had a good team before the War of Light release. It also included Johnny Storm and was almost the same as the MidWest Champion Team. Some things I learned:

    - Should not have changed my team from what I had been playing before War of Light release. I think I was just in so much awe by the “new shine toys”. I switch my team the the week of event and did no testing besides playing against my self.

    - Big Tournaments are a intense, but way fun. Even in defeat I met some great people and had fun.

    - Nerves are real and can effect your game. I tried to not be nervous, but I could not calm down. Had I used a team I was familiar with I may not have been as nervous.

    Was disappointed in my result of 2-3, but I learned a LOT about being in a big Tournament. And I hope there is another Regional close to SLC so I can go and try to redeem my self.

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    Thanks for posting! Glad to hear you had a good time!

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    Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy reading people's tournament reports.

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