Hey, there i want to present here my Concept for a League, with the goal to support people who play often, casual or competitive. Also i want to give people different formats but also keep the vanilla game running.

Duration: 3 Months
Complete Rulings of the Wizkids-Ruleforum printed and laying at the Store.

Event- League:
  • 3 - 4 Events per month
  • 1 Thursday in the month will be Draft
  • 3 Thursday in the month will be Unlimited
  • Best two end results(won-draw-lost matches) of the month will be added to the players rank.
  • Number of Matches depends on people, but for Swiss Best of 1 Matches are enough.
  • Entry fee: 2€* (People dont have to pay to participate in the events)
  • Price: Price Kits from Wizkids
  • Possible extra prices for an event with extra Buy-In(depends on the participants)

  • 1 Match per Week
  • 4-Point-System from MTG or Womensoccer france ^^: W-D-L : 4-2-1
  • Entry fee: 2€
  • Possible Top 16 or Top 8 at the End of the 3 Months
  • Ürices: WK Price kit , also some pocal and or special made things like Dice Tower,play mat..

Things i would like to see in the future:
Achievements to make the league even more fun.
Maybe more often weekend Events.

So does this sounds good, bad, crazy? I dont know, but maybe you see some crucial mistake i made beforehand, just warn me or give me a hint^^, thanks!

Greetings Tom