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Thread: Indigo Team

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    Indigo Team

    I want to do two things with this team.
    1 use these characters

    Indigo-1: Iroque
    While Munk is active, Indigo-1 gets +2A and +2D.

    Munk: Empath
    While Indigo-1 is active, Munk gets +2A and +2D.

    And secondly, I'd like to protect against rare lantern ring, Human Paladin, and wonder girl/ring.

    My thought:

    Jinzo: Cyber Energy Shock
    When summoned, move all action dice(of both players)*in the field or reserve pool to the used pile.

    Constantine: Antihero
    While Constantine is active, once per turn at the end of your opponent's Roll and Reroll Step, you may make that opponent reroll an action die.

    Human Paladin: Lesser Emerald Enclave
    While active, your characters in the field cannot be affected by global abilities used by your opponent.
    Global:*Pay Shield*. Reduce the damage you take from a character's ability to 1.

    I like to avoid myself using actions and globals that target characters.


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    Toad: Tongue Lashing
    While Toad is active, each opposing non-Sidekick character must attack*(if legal).

    *Opposing characters take 2 damage when they attack.

    I like this. It doesn't target, can be used as non-targeted removal. Because my Indigo are big!

    Combo with:
    Stinking Cloud
    Deal 1 damage to all characters*(both players').

    Level 1 characters can't attack or block this turn.

    And also:
    Atom: Professor of Physics
    At the beginning and end of your turn, you may level up or down Atom. When blocking or blocked by a character of higher level, you may spin Atom up to level 3 or remove him from combat.

    Basic actions:

    Also for ramp:
    Beast: Mutate #666
    When Beast blocks, draw one die and place it in your prep area.

    *Instead draw 2 dice; place one in your prep area and the other in your used pile.
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    I recommend you bring something with removal for common scare-crow.

    We've seen a lot of him out in constructed as a 1 of as he can shut down teams who plan their win condition around one lantern type.

    Making Indigo 1 and Munk a 6 TFC can really hamper you up.

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    This doesn't help much, but I rode the Indigo-Munk tandem to victory at my RDW. I look forward to how the constructed team develops.

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    Constantine antihero definitely for ring.

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    Personally, I'd rather use Indigo-1, "Nok!", as you can potentially bring out Atom, John Stewart, or another Munk.

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