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Thread: Wonder Girl + Black Lanter Wonder Woman

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    Wonder Girl + Black Lanter Wonder Woman

    Wonder Girl-Cassie Sandsmark
    While Wonder Girl is active, when a [Teen Titans] character die is targeted, you may choose an opponent's character die as the new target for that effect.

    Black Lantern Wonder Woman
    When fielded, KO all Wonder Woman Dice. At the beginning of each player's turn, that player chooses a fielded non-[Black Lantern Corps] character and moves it to the Used Pile. If they cannot, they lose 2 life.

    So I was playing some casual matches against a friend today and a situation came up where my opponent had Wonder Girl and BL Wonder Woman active.
    At the beginning of my turn, I chose to send Wonder Girl to the Used Pile by BLWW's effect, but my friend tells me that he can actually redirect the target from Wonder Girl to my active non-BL character die and send it to the used pile. I argued against it obviously, because 'choose' and 'target' are very different wordings for effects to occur, but in the end we couldn't answer the question.

    Can Wonder Girl redirect BLWW's effect to an opposing character die, and if so, why? If redirecting is possible, can she actually redirect 'choose' effects, such as Nasty Boy global or Blue-Eyes global and KO an opposing character instead of her? Help!

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    BEWD is paying a cost, it can't be redirected. Aside from that, "choosing" or "selecting" a finite number of dice to be affected is generally considered "targeting".

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    To be more specific, it needs be a finite number of active dice. You cannot target dice unless they are in the field (the attack zone is part of the field).

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