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Thread: Shotgun team

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    I'm not big on this kind of aggro. Feels sloppy and most of the abilities are completely ignored. Brute force over technical ability.

    Still, it's called "Shotgun" for a reason.

    To that end, and assuming your win condition is to overwhelm your opponent with numbers, I'd ditch Wonder Girl. She has a TFC of 4 compared to all of your other cheap dice which have a TFC of 1 or 2.

    Replace her with Guy Gardner: Blinding Rage which is a 2-Fist - Guy Gardner must attack each turn (if able) and gets +1A for each other attacking die.

    This can turn him into a big beat-stick if you swing with the rest of the swarm, and it also gives you a second lantern color on the board to use Miri's ability with. You'll have two lantern colors out and can thus move a 2 cost character from used to the field - which you have a ton of those.

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