Share them, I know we all have some that seem crazy to most people.

The Frighteners was the last good movie Peter Jackson wrote or directed.
As a fan of both Lou Reed and Metallica Lulu isn't that bad of an album. Its not a great album, but it doesn't deserve the hate it got.
Star Wars is generic high fantasy in space, the force is magic, and every character is bland. Also A New Hope was a better movie when it was called Seven Samurai and didn't have light sabers.
This one, depending on which crowd of hipsters douches you hang out with is either popular or extremely unpopular - cartoons are NOT better today than they were in the 90s. The quality is about the same.
Pizza is not the ultimate food, tacos are.
Doritos are vile chips that have anti-flavor.

The following are acceptable at the game table. I know a lot of people hate it when people do these.
Using the phone
Being an alpha gamer - the group I play with is pretty much all alpha gamers so it ends up netting out that nobody out-alphas the other. The downside is we don't integrate well into other groups as much.
I also don't mind a player taking a lot of time to make a decision. I would rather a player think out what he's doing than play sloppily because he thinks I care that he needs to think.