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Thread: Deadman and Ultron

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    Deadman and Ultron

    Player A has Pyro (this character is irrelevant in this)

    Player B fields Deadman "When fielded, choose a character. That character cannot attack or block until Deadman is no longer active". So he chooses Pyro

    Player A fields Ultron "When fielded, capture a target non-Villian character die (return it at the end of a turn). He chooses Deadman.

    Now during this turn while Deadman is captured is Pyro able to Attack? As is, is Deadman hold on him released while Deadman is captured?

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    Captured characters are not active, in fact, they do not exist for game purposes. The moment Ultron captures Deadman, Pyro is released and can attack and block as normal. Even when Deadman returns to the field after Ultron's capture, Pyro remains free to act. Deadman's effect was interrupted and he'll need to be refielded in order to get more use out of it.

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