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Thread: Article: The Prep Area Podcast #13 : Back to the Feature - A Roll Through Time

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    Article: The Prep Area Podcast #13 : Back to the Feature - A Roll Through Time

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    Is there a link to the teams or did I overlook it?

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    Hey, RJ did the cool time travel stuff, I just had to get in the time machine.

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    Not to turn this into a "no, you" thread, but Shadowmeld really stepped it up this week even though he had no time. He was the reason it got up at all this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shin76e View Post
    Just remember to never meet yourself. You'll create a time paradox! Where RJ is with Canadian resistance fighting against Dr. Count Von Homash!
    This should be the next in the field!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indy Mon View Post
    Just a reminder - this ruling exists re beholder global:
    i understand your reminder was probably for all the folks who might not be aware it exists, however I will put forward the reminder that, since that ruling was released, the rule book was changed to alter the interaction described above, and Beholder global no longer offers the useless option that it previously provided.

    The rulebook (for AoU and WoL, both released well after March 15th) states that when we roll our dice, the rolling occurs in the Prep Area, and that at the end of the Roll and Reroll step all dice in the Prep Area are moved to the Reserve Pool. Even with the inconsistencies in the ruling above, which tells us to "wait a turn" in the prep area, then "roll it on turn 6" (aka, 2 turns later), the change in the rulebook necessitates a second look at the interpretation this ruling made. Previously the ruling stated that one may only move ROLLED dice from the Prep to the reserve, which is why the ruling stated that a die was moved to the Prep, then not rolled, then rolled another turn later. Meanwhile the new rule book says to move ALL dice from the Prep Area to the Reserve, letting us move the unrolled die, the next turn, and not having to wait a full extra turn to roll that die before moving it over. This difference currently only has one relevant implication on the game, and that is the Beholder global.

    As always, discuss with your opponent or TO before you assume a card works one way or the other, but I personally will be following the most CURRENT rules relating to the situation.

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    Oh, this team should be fun to try at my FLGS.

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