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Thread: Can you use fielding powers when regenerated?

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    Can you use fielding powers when regenerated?

    Raven - Rachel Roth - This card states "While Raven is active, if another TEEN TITAN character die is KO'd, you may reroll that die. If it is a character face, return it to play. (This doesn't count as fielding that die)."

    We have always played if a character can regenerate another character that it does NOT count as fielding it meaning that character would not be able to use a power that was activated by fielding. BUT after seeing this card it makes me wonder if we played that wrong the whole time. Does this mean if it doesn't specify like this card does, then a character CAN use their fielding power when regenerated?

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    The parenthetical text is just a reminder of the basic rules.

    Fielding only occurs when you pay a fielding cost and move a die from Reserve to the Field.

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    What Scorpion said. It's only when you pay a cost. Unless you use the new Warth Rare when he's fielded.

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    Q: Do Sidekicks moved to the field with Rally count as being fielded? Does Rally trigger Johnny Storm’s ability?

    A: No, they are simply moved from one area to another. This is true for all cards that “move” or “swap” and do not specifically state that they field characters. They do not trigger Human Torch’s ability since that only activates when characters are fielded.

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