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Thread: Atrocitus - Raging Vengence

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    Atrocitus - Raging Vengence

    This card states "While Atrocitus is active, when SHIELD characters are KO'd they go to the Used Pile" When it is not specified which side, does it mean BOTH sides. So in this case ALL SHIELD on both sides go to the Used Pile when KO'd?

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    So using this theory does it apply in these cards as well?

    Sinestro - Instills Fear states "While Sinestro is active, all other Villains cost 1 less to field" This means both sides get to field Villains for one less?

    Superman - Kal-El states "Retaliation - If an affiliated character is KO'd deal 1 damage to an opposing player" Again this means if a Justice League is KO'd on both side?

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    Yes for Sinestro.

    For retaliation, the keyword in the rulebook specifies a bit more clearly, "your affiliated characters". Thus, no your opponent's JLA characters don't trigger retaliation.

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