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Thread: Namor, Prince of Forever Alone

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    Namor, Prince of Forever Alone

    The inspiration came when I always had bad rolls everytime in tournament. So, I was thinking to reduce the uncertainty from the dice roll itself and abuse global's skill every turn.

    I believe that every character, even the underdog one like Namor, will unleashed their true potential in this team. In this team build, Namor is designed to be One Man Army (like: Chuck Norris) who can finished all the enemy by himself.

    Frankly, I haven't tried it in serious tournament. Somehow this team means something and really fun to play. ygo74&c=uxm49&c=ygo108&c=bff84&b=bff135&b=uxm34

    4 Namor, Imperium Rex
    1 Slifer of Sky Dragon, Thunderforce Attack
    1 Blue Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon
    3 Green Goblin, Norman Osborne/Johnny Storm, Flame On!
    2 Iceman,Too Cool for Words
    1 Prof.X, Recruiting Young Mutant
    1 Black Lantern Batman/Phoenix, Redd
    1 Black Lantern Superman/Red Dragon, Epic Dragon

    Power Bolt
    Transfer Power/Mystic Box/Distraction

    1. Use Red Dragon's global to buy power bolt. Mask for ramp
    2. Buy Namor. Use the rest for ramp or another power bolt.
    3. If you got Namor, don't hestitate to field him. At least store 1 bolt. At the end of your turn, through Namor's skill summon 2 sidekick from used pile.
    3a. On the opponent's turn, use Iceman,s global to convert sidekick into bolt. Use Slifer's /Green Goblin global to burn enemy. If your enemy weaker than Namor, simply just drag the enemy down with Namor. In short, spend all your sidekick and leave the Namor alone in field. So, if you did spend the sidekicks properly, you may summon another 2 sidekick.
    4. Roll the dice. If you had shield in your roll, declare attack with all remained sidekicks. You may buy another character using BEWD. Always remember to store at least some shield and bolt energy. Don't forget to use bolt to convert your sidekick and KO another character besides Namor every turn, because you will get 2 sidekicks at the end of every turn. You may use the bolt to toast the enemy with red dragon's or slifer's global. Repeat this strategy, you could deliver min. 2 damage per turn.

    Thank you for reading and open for comments.
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    This is my build now:

    4 Namor, Imperium Rex*
    1 Slifer of Sky Dragon, Thunderforce Attack*
    2 Blue Eyes White Dragon, Monstrous Dragon
    4 Green Goblin, Norman Osborne/Johnny Storm, Flame On!
    2 Iceman,Too Cool for Words*
    2 Prof.X, Recruiting Young Mutant
    3 Johnny Storm, Flame On!
    2 Red Dragon, Epic Dragon

    Power Bolt
    Transfer Power

    + Not depend and rely on your roll result
    + Sidekicks is renewable resources
    + Strong against aggro type
    + Quick-team, sometimes you need to purchase Namor only
    + It's fun to trolling your opponent, they wil face the hard time to choose blocked or not blocked the sidekicks (each turn)
    + Balance and consistency between attack and defend

    - Weak against control type, like Joker, Loki, Jinzo and Wasp. It almost killed all the potential of this team build
    - Field control or burn build, it's easy to get rid sidekicks.
    - Your global sometimes used to against your own strategy
    - Depend on Namor's skill as winning conditions
    - Slower and maybe weaker against meta team
    - This tricks is quite old-school
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    Main Character

    Namor, Imperium Rex

    The only character that you want to play in your field. If you do so, he could provide 2 sidekicks in each turn. We could abuse his sidekicks as resources, attackers, blockers, etc.


    BEWD, Monstrous Dragon

    Thanks to his global, he could send sidekick from Namor's skill in your prep area at the same time you could buy other die cheaper. His skill also themed with sidekick, so he can boost A and D.

    Prof.X, Recruiting Young Mutant

    PXG is self-explanatory, but he had chance to get more resources or sidekick. While, Prof.X, Trainer is not suitable for the strategy.

    Main Mechanism

    Slifer of Sky Dragon, Thunderforce Attack

    This is the core and soul of this team which bring a lot of pain to your opponent. Don't worry if your sidekicks got blocked or blocks, you may KO and give direct damage before damage calculation.

    Green Goblin, Norman Osborne

    Mini (cheaper) built-in Prof.X skills plus global that may harm characters is awesome. Again, if your sidekicks got blocked, KO them and bring damage to character before damage calculation

    Ice Man, Too Cool for Words
    What if you don't have enough bolt to activate global? How to let the Namor alone? This is the answer, simply just transform all your sidekicks into energy. You had more energy and Namor is alone (again)

    Red Dragon, Epic Dragon

    Every turn, you will make opponents busy to handle the sidekicks. All you have to do is hurt them more with this global. You may purchase and field him to activate breath weapon for finishing blow or double power bolt.


    Transfer Power
    Attack with sidekick is totally joke, but if you got transfer power, they would rethink to block.

    Power Bolt
    At first, I used Magic Missiles but sometimes it also used against my sidekick. I used this action which complement with Red Dragon's global

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