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Thread: D&D - Human Paladin Global

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    D&D - Human Paladin Global

    The D&D creature Human Paladin has two cards, Apprentice Harper and Lesser Emerald Enclave which have a Global effect that states:
    Global: Pay [1 Shield] . Reduce the damage you take from a character's ability to 1.

    In simple combat situations I think most would agree, the Global functions as follows:

    I have 5 sidekicks already fielded from a previous turn. I then field Green Goblin: Gobby and the card ability states:
    When fielded, Green Goblin deals 1 damage to your opponent for each Sidekick in the field (count your Sidekicks only).

    When global are applicable, my opponent can pay a shield and use the Human Paladin Global to reduce the potential 5 damage to himself down to 1.

    *Please comment if you feel this is not how this Global is supposed to function.

    In more complicated combat situations this card is nowhere near as simple to decipher. See these examples:

    1) Could I use the Human Paladin Global to reduce the 10 damage down to 1 from a Spider-man: The Amazing, which character's ability states:
    When Spider-Man attacks, you may pay [3 Fist] to make your opponent lose half his life, rounded down (before damage is dealt).

    (This assumes I am at 20 life at the time of occurrence). The debate arose from the lack of the word damage in the text of the card's ability.

    2) An equally complicated combat situation arose when an opponent had a 7A Hulk, a 2A & 3A Black Widow and a 2A Nick Fury: Patch. This cards ability
    While Nick Fury is active, your unblocked Avengers characters deal damage to your opponent twice.

    I, having no blockers in the field, would be susceptible to the double-damage. Could I then use a Shield to pay for the Human Paladin Global reducing
    the potential (7 + 2 + 3 = 12) 12 damage from Nick Fury's ability down to 1? Or would I only be entitled to reduce one of the character's doubled
    damage (assuming I have only one shield)?

    How are others playing with this card?

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    Using the global to reduce gobbys damage to 1 works.

    The first scenario with spiderman the amazing does not however because its been ruled on the wizkids rules forum that losing life and taking damage are two separate things.

    The second scenario with patch avengers i can see an argument for both. My gut is telling me that you can't for either because his ability is modifying combat damage and it is combat damage that is doing the damage at the end and the paladin seems to be designed with slowing down direct damage in mind. But i could see it ruled in either of your rulings so looks like this one is gonna have to go to the wizkids forums to be settled lol.

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    Dealing damage twice is different from an ability, yeah. I'd agree with Zeon's gut there, it doesn't reduce the damage because the damage source doesn't come from an ability, they just do their damage twice.

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    Another question that can be asked is. "Is Overcrush considered an ability for the purpose of the Paladin global?" While it is just excess damage carried over in combat it is still happening because of a special feature on a character's card text.

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    Iceman's damage doubling was ruled by a judge as not a factor that can be impacted by Paladin today at Nationals, so I'd imagine that it would apply to Patch in the same way.

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