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    Android Netrunner

    Anyone else out there into Netrunner?

    What IDs are gonna win Worlds in a few weeks?

    My guess is Kate and NEH. I just don't see Data and Destiny's IDs making that big of a splash, that early.

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    I love Netrunner. Kate and NEH wouldn't surprise me. I don't get to play that often though - isn't RP still pretty strong? And Noise or Maxx wouldn't shock me either.

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    RP was extremely strong until Film Critic released. Film Critic nullifies the Psi Games on The Future Perfect.

    Noise will also make a good showing, I'm sure.

    MaxX, maybe, in the right hands.

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    Has anything come of experiments with Weyland decks that use high point agendas in order to have low agenda concentration?

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    Nothing substantial. Variance is way too high. Losing on turn one stinks, if the runner manages to hit two agendas off early central pressure.

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