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Thread: First ever OP - how's my team look?

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    First ever OP - how's my team look?

    Hi folks,

    I'm making my first forray into Organised Play this weekend. I've only played casually up to this point and was hoping for a bit of feedback from some of the more experienced players round these parts please?

    This is a second swing through the team after getting a bit of feedback on Reddit, but figured there might be a few more peeps on here to get it looked over.

    Me & my play buddy play themes usually and this began as a JL only team. I kind of want to play the theme for the enjoyment factor but have tried to support it a bit more so I don't end up having a completely miserable time.

    I've had a look at the article on here about competitive play and here's what I'm thinking...

    Zatanna = ramp & cheap JL character. I want to use her in combat with Aquaman & Green Lantern for GL's attack damage ability or KO her with my own batarang for Retaliation damage.

    Aquaman = makes all my JL guys cheap. I think his stats are decent for cheap fielding. Another lamb for Retaliation from battle KO's or Batarang him.

    Batman = got the Retaliation game text. Gain life from the cheap Zatanna's & Aquamen I'll hopefully be re-fielding from the Prep area rolls.

    Shazam = big stick. Makes Batarang more consistently usable against my opponent to KO any nasty characters I don't like such as Human Torch or AVX Storm.

    Vibe = interesting synergy with Shazam to make my opponent think twice about their attack phase with all that uncleared damage hanging on his die.

    Pepper Potts = drives Vibe damage. Synergy then with Vulnerability to offer another removal alternative and to add a cheeky bit of ramp.

    Green Lantern = keep throwing him at my opponent with Zatanna's and Aquamen for the Attack damage game text. Stack retaliation with Batman. I think his stats are pretty good for 1 fielding cost.

    Infiltrate = gives JL affiliation to Vibe & Pepper. Mostly thinking about giving Pepper JL to KO her with the batarang, give a bit of retaliation damage, and recycle her for a potential re-field next turn.

    So... I think I've got Win condition with Direct Damage from GL & Retaliation, got lots of removal options, and decent stat'ed charas for a good old fashion ruckus in the attack phase.

    Am I mad man - can it work?

    Remember - I'm looking for a fun time first and a win second, just want something that competes suitably enough that I'm not going to have a completely miserable day!

    I welcome all feedback & suggestions.

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    Seems ok to me (I'm not a pro or nothing though!) I looked at the list in the team builder and it came up with Wonder Woman instead of Pepper Potts. I think Pepper is the better option since her spin down ability synergizes nicely with Vibe if you can keep fielding her.

    I'm not sure infiltrate is really that important here. Giving Vibe and Pepper JL only ever deals one damage per action dice. You might be better off using Focus Power to force spin downs while Vibe is out, Cone of Cold so you have a second way to KO Pepper Potts and clear away a couple opposing characters or the Stealth Ops Global for spin down as well.

    in my mind, retaliaiton is bonus that some of your characters will get, but this looks more like the beginnigs of a spin down control type team with Vibe, Pepper Potts and Shazam.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I personally prefer the rare aquaman to the common because of the blocking ability and an extra retaliation trigger, but that`s controversial.

    For anything justice league, these are all cards I would consider. Since you stated you play more casually and this is your first OP event, I don`t think you have polymoprh or BEWD correct? If that is the case, I would definitely consider the 5 cost cyborg to give you some removal. Rare aquaman is great if you want to focus more on retaliation burn, but without bewd, I might stick to the common. Same with Cyborg and superman in this situation.

    I would absolutely suggest going for the other wonder woman, champion of themyscira instead of princess diana. Fielding your characters for dirt cheap is great, it's unlikely that you will be putting many sidekicks on the board. The untargetable superman can put your opponent in a bind because it's very difficult to remove him. Once he hits the board, he probably isn't coming off, and he's dangerous in numbers. Finally, the overcrushing manhunter is always great, especially in this situation for a number of reasons:

    -Beefy attack stat paired with overcrush can help win the game

    -Pitiful defense stat is amazing as well, since you will be launching him all the time for overcrush damage, chances are he will be knocked out, triggering retaliation on multiple characters.

    I may not have seen it in the OP, but is this event DC only?

    Anyways, that's my jumble of thoughts.

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    @Osprey - No - it's a standard constructed tournament. The JL focus is mostly because that was the set I jumped into the game on - so it's my most complete set that I've got a good spread of cards from. (Although - I went on a shopping spree just today in fact and built up the collection a bit more) The only stipulation is a house rule at my FLGS of no SR's.

    Thanks for the feedback BTW.
    @Nemesis yeah - I've acquired a few new cards this week and have been tinkering away. I've actually divided it up and gone for 2 different team ideas - one completely JL focused that lines up with Osprey's suggestions and one that goes more in the Spining fun direction. (This one: )

    I'm halfway through 2 other teams tonight too - a Rulk/Black Widow Cold Warrior thing and a team designed just to be annoying - and now I've got the Team Building bug for OP I can't make any kind of decision as to what I'm going to take this weekend! There's just... like... a thousand little bits from my casual games with my mate I want to do more with - especially with my card injection today!

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