I saw some people posting here about how much the entry fee for a league costs and the resulting prizes for it. For me a Gravity Feed sounds enormous(maybe because we pay more in germany and doesnt have such a big player base)

However, right now i am struggling with setting up a fix price to enter and the resulting

I want to give everyone at least some Promo Cards for the money they invest(i know there is work for me and the shop owner and the possibility to play much funny games, but some people even then are not satisfied).

The thing is i dont want to scare off the people 5 Bucks i think is ok, but 10 is too much. Because i can understand if people give the money,play and in the end only 1 gets a big Grand Prize and the rest looks like losers.

Is there a way or a good example(maybe from Magic) that could be a small guideline for me?

How do you handle this and planning prizes ahead of a new season?

I know i would like to have the owner on my side for this. But first there must be some people that wants to play to prove that concept X is worthy to support for.