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Thread: ASM Webpage & Rulebook Live!

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    Doing a rulebook comparison shows us no significant changes from WoL to ASM.

    The key words Ally, Aftershock, Sacrifice, Underdog and the repeated Overcrush and Regeneration as well as a lack of Continuous are the biggest changes.

    There is also a section in the rule book clarifying that when a character has an ability that lets him field for free, there needs not be an active die of that character for that ability to work.

    For example, "Shadowmeld fields for free if you opponent is in tears." Would work, even if a Shadowmeld die wasn't active.

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    The other interesting thing is they now have a "quick play" instructions in the front. It completely ignores several important game functions (mainly Out of Play, and some other smaller things) but it might help newer players if it doesn't confuse them too much when they learn the "real" rules.

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    I find it completely fascinating that they're finally starting to clear up any type of confusion that a player may have with the wording. Especially with aftershock, it clearly states that your OPPONENT must trigger it for Aftershock to go off. So you can't remove your own die from the field and take advantage of it. It's the little things like that that prevent future questioning.

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