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Thread: Dragons and Actions

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    Dragons and Actions

    Fun team I'm working on.;3x135bff

    The goal is to make use of the Red Dragon Global and Batman Cowardly and Superstitious Lot. Ideally you'll be grabbing a Power Bolt or Magic Missile pretty often. Then using any other action pumps to help them out. It may be worth swapping Baron Zemo out for the 3 cost common version that allows you to re-roll the action dice. It may be better to just bring Parallax at that point but this way it prevents your opponent from using this.

    Adding Prismatix spray or something to get rid of Jinzo may also be ideal but I haven't figured it out yet.

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    I've used the batman/power bolt combo also and had success locally (we're not super competitive here tho).

    This is the team I will be using next time we play.

    Power bolt

    Batman. cowardly and superstitious lot
    Red dragon. lesser dragon (that's the one I've got)
    Iceman. too cool for words
    Professor x. Recruiting young mutants
    Human torch. Flame on
    Psylock. Kwannon the assassin
    Silver surfer. Silverado.
    Human paladin. Lesser emerald enclave.

    I've gone all out for burny damage with my team. Hope to have all 3 power bolts and batman bought by turn 4 at the latest. I didn't use magic missile cause I rely on sidekicks for defence and u don't want the pinged by a global of brought.

    Torch is there to easily boost the burn from power bolt or red dragon, and Iceman is there to ensure I have enough bolts. It can be great to turn fielded sidekicks into bolts at the end of the game to get those last few shots in.


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    My dragon with action team.

    Just stick with Power Bolt. You aren't going to buy a lot of actions if you have baron Zemo on the team.

    Kobolds are a good source for your ramp, breath weapon and for Zemo.

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