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Thread: Wanted: Empty Collector's Boxes

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    Wanted: Empty Collector's Boxes

    This probably seems like an offbeat question, but I'll give it a shot. I'm looking for any or all of the following; an empty AvX box, AoU box, and/or WoL box. I'm more of an at home player and this is my preferred method of storage. Never know, maybe someone got a box and upgraded to some other method of storage or something like that.

    Shoot me a pm with an offer. I'll pay or I also have the following left...

    - WOL full common set
    - Rare Warth
    - Rare Kilowog
    - Rare Jade
    - Rare Supergirl
    - Rare Larfleeze
    - Rare Lyssa Drak
    - Rare Fatality
    - Rare Miri Riam
    - Rare Carol Ferris

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    I have WoL and UXM boxes that I don't care about. What are you willing to pay?

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    Resolved. Belated thanks for the replies.

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