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Thread: Thoughts on 'Villainy' team

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    Thoughts on 'Villainy' team

    Hi, I'm a UK player new to the site and to Dice Masters in general, but rapidly becoming a big fan. Because of the lack of OP/Tournament play local to me, at the moment I'm just playing games in my local gaming group, and mainly 2v2 games so far. Whilst we are all pretty competitive, we aren't 'tournament' competitive, so our teams tend to be themed/gimmicky rather than optimal. I also happen to be a big fan of theme/gimmick teams, so that isn't an issue for me .

    Anyway, enough of the introduction . And apologies in advance for the wall of text below.

    Having just opened a bunch of WoL and a whole Grav Feed of AoU, leading to both Rare Raven and Super Rare Thanos, I thought I'd try and put together a full Villain/Teen Titan/Mask based theme, with a secondary Control/life cost vibe, just in case we wind up playing a normal tournament rules game.

    Basically I'm looking for some thoughts/critique/suggestions as to alternative cards. I have pretty much all of AoU, a fair chunk of WoL, and the Justice League starter. I don't have any of the other starters, or any other cards from the other sets.

    With that in mind, here is the first iteration of the team.


    Monument to Evil - Global to Villain up, plus DD
    Big Entrance - Early Raven/Lyssa/Ultron Drone ramp

    Name:  101670.jpg
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    Lyssa Drak : Future Sight - Control fielding with life cost, plus Mask
    Raven : Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos! - Prevent targeting of Mask/Teen Titan
    Parallax : Source of Terror - Global and Mask ramp
    Batman : Cowardly and Superstitious Lot - Because Batman, plus Mask and DD for Basic Actions and Global
    Ultron Drone : 1 in a Million - Global to work with Ultron DD, plus own DD, plus ramp into Ultron, plus Fists for Beast Boy
    Ultron : New World Order - DD with Drone
    Thanos : Infinite - Because SR, plus Mask, plus Overcrush, plus other Villains to reduce cost
    Beast Boy : Gar - Because cheap Teen Titan, plus Fist synergy with Ultron/Ultron Drone

    Strategy is Big Entrance to early Lyssa/Raven to stall, followed by Batman/Parallax depending on luck with energy. Then Monument of Evil Villain up on Batman/Raven for extra DD on the Global and extra reduction on Thanos. Aim is to reduce Thanos as much as possible before bringing him in as a finisher. If there are Mask counters or heavy wall, then switch into Ultron Drone/Beast Boy then into Ultron as finisher.

    Main concerns are lack of targeting protection for Ultron/Ultron Drone, who fit the Villain theme but not the Mask/Teen Titan theme. Also, a consideration is to switch to the unblockable Thanos instead, but I have the SR so would like to use it.

    Any suggestions on alternative (and not too expensive to acquire) Villains for the Ultron/Drone slots, or any general strategy tips on making this sort of theme work?

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    why raven or beast boy? put something like cheetah cursed archaeologist or black manta with retaliation in there.
    that is just my opinion.
    professor X might help you on this type of team.
    maybe baron zemo rare to prep your monument of evil and maybe Pandora's box or iron man tinhead to get villians on demand.

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    Raven was kind of what started the idea of an entirely un-targetable team of . Then I realised most of the I had and liked were Villains, and it snowballed from there. Beast Boy was just added to synergize with the Ultron/Ultron Drone brigade, whilst also being a Teen Titan.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I do like the idea of Rare Baron Zemo, but wouldn't I need some other characters to make him viable? That said, I hadn't even considered Iron Man as an easier way to Villain up, and he is too. So I could drop Beast Boy and Raven and lose the un-targetable theme but focus the Villain theme a bit more. Less chance for the Monument of Evil Global as I'm losing , but Iron Man makes up for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VastSpartan View Post
    Is this deck mainly set on aou and Wol?
    Yeah, I don't have any of the other sets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Alpha View Post
    Yeah, I don't have any of the other sets.
    That explains the limited amount of cards for your constructed set

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