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Thread: New Player question. 1 Mythic Rare and 4 common question.

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    New Player question. 1 Mythic Rare and 4 common question.

    New Player here:

    So quick question: If I was lucky enough to get a mythic epic card and I only got 1. Then I have like 4 commons of that same card can I use the 4 dice for that 1 card or do I have to have four mythic epic cards in order to really play that?

    How is that handled during tourney play? You have to provide the # of cards for the correspondent dice?

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    You only need the one card. You can use dice from any version of the card up to the Max number printed on the card (typically 4). The dice need to match what is printed on the bottom of the card, so you can't mix Avengers vs. X-Men Iron Man dice with Uncanny X-Men Iron Man dice.

    *With the Yu-Gi-Oh set, the dice have the card number printed on the one energy side. You can use dice from different rarity, but at least one is supposed to match the number of the card you are using. (i.e. if you have Lord of D. Ring as part of your team, you should have a Lord Of D. die with the number 55 and a Ring of Magnetism with number 63) I don't know how strict Tournament Organizers are on this.

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    Just purchased a CU set of YuGiOh, D&D and AvX and I was concerned when I read about the serial number thing, and thought I was buying fakes or something. Thanks to that dude for mentioning that, so now the serial number makes sense. Thanks!

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    No one at nationals was checking serial numbers, though players I suppose had the option since we had the team sheets. It's just limited to YGO, though, so that's not so bad. It's most likely a product of Konami's strictness with the YuGiOh license after being burned by Upper Deck.

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