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Thread: Idea - Help members find other local players

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    Idea - Help members find other local players

    Use the forum as a tool to help players find each other. There are probably fancy ways of doing that, but the easiest way would be to create a forum with subforums for each state/country. People can post about their local FB groups, stores, casual get togethers, etc. Or you just have a single forum with a locked number of threads. You wouldn't want people adding more threads in that situation though, as that would make it hard to find info

    Great job with the site!

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    Good idea, Indy - we'll be sure to explore our options for matchmaking.

    We'd also like to eventually integrate a streamlined hangout/Vassal game matchmaking system.

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    Would love to see a section where I can find local players to meet up at on of the FLGS and play with.

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    I'm jealous of you folks who live in/near big cities. I'm going to have to try and build the DM community from scratch!

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    Hey RJRetero, I've recorded some segments about just that...

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    Indeed you have! I've been following along on the podcast. I'll be pushing for some game nights once DCJL comes out.

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    We are implementing something very shortly to help people find each other.

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    Let us know what you all think of the following!

    Looking for other Dice Masters players in your area?
    Well, you can find them and help them find you by using our new Member Map!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Lonely.png 
Views:	76 
Size:	140.4 KB 
ID:	134On the Member Map you will find pins (Name:  marker-k.png
Views: 170
Size:  949 Bytes) representing all of our users that have chosen to add themselves to the map. Click on a pin to see the member at that location. On the map you will also find a brown pin that represents our best guess as to your location. If we're unable to determine your location, you will find your pin in the middle of Kansas.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	donotshowme.png 
Views:	89 
Size:	19.7 KB 
ID:	137You are the only one who can see your location/pin unless you click on the brown pin and remove the checkmark from "Do not show me on member map." We suggest you do so if you want other local players to be able to find you.

    You can drag the brown pin to adjust your location to be as accurate or nonspecific as you wish, but we ask that you don't put pins in locations that mislead others. For example, if you live in Tuscon, Arizona, but don't want people to know your exact city, just drag your pin a little away from Tuscon, perhaps even all the way out to Phoenix if you want, keeping it somewhat local, but please don't drag it to Colorado, Russia, or the middle of the ocean. If you're that uncomfortable with your location being known, just leave your pin turned off instead (i.e., leave the checkmark in "Do not show me on member map").

    While there aren't many players on the map yet--my pin in Central Wisconsin is the only one at the time of this writing--if we all add ourselves it will grow into a nice resource to find players.

    Note: This map works on phones, but only so-so. Sorry! But please do try it out on your computer. We think you'll like it!

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    That is great! Should my pin change to red once I uncheck the "Do not show me on member map" or will mine always be brown?

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    If you are logged into the site, your pin will always be brown so you can find it easily.

    If you log out and have a look at the map you can see what everyone else sees.

    To everyone else your pin follows the same color scheme that your username above your avatar does.
    - Members are blue,
    - moderators (we don't have any yet) are green,
    - admins are red, and
    - banned users (which we also thankfully don't have) would be gray.

    Right now I see your blue pin outside of PortlandSan Diego.

    EDIT: There are currently 6 users in the system. Zoom out and you'll see the other blue pins.

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    ...note to self, travel to Wisconsin more often.

    Awesome addition to the site. Hopefully as months go by, the number of people on the map will grow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJRETRO View Post
    ...note to self, travel to Wisconsin more often.
    My "lonely" pin was the only one on the map when I took that screenshot. But if you're in the area, heck yeah, let's meet up.

    Quote Originally Posted by RJRETRO View Post
    Awesome addition to the site. Hopefully as months go by, the number of people on the map will grow.
    That's the hope! I'll post this to the front page later and that should give it more attention. Right now it's a hard feature to find (you have to go to the forums tab, and hit the community link to find it), so if we can come up with a more prominent spot for it that will help. We're starting to hit the problem that we've got so much that you can do here, it's hard to show everybody everything they can do all the time! (And we've got more stuff in the works!)

    But I guess that's a good problem to have.

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    I just want to note - this is how it works! Suggestion made, we figure out how to implement, here it is! Not everything will be possible every time, but we do want to try to say yes.

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    Only my pin in London? (UK) Damn... you'd think a big city would have a lot more interest... gonna have to canvas the streets. Screw the upcoming elections, play Dice Masters instead.

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    I'm shocked nobody else is anywhere close to me. I hereby declare myself the Central Canadian Dice Masters Champion by default.

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    Looks like Killaminis and I need to duel it out for central Floridian champ.

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