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Thread: Apocalypse Earth 295

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    Apocalypse Earth 295

    Apocalypse Earth 295
    When fielded, reroll all other non-Apocalypse characters. Your opponent takes 2 damage for each of his or her dice that rolled energy.

    My question = where do the dice go?? So I reroll four of my opponents characters. Two roll faces ans two roll energy. Do the face ones stay in the field? Go to the reserve pool? used pile? Prep area? What about the engery ones? Prep area? used pile? Where or where do they go?

    At the same time... where do my own dice that I rerolled go?

    I've been playing this card whereas anything that rolls a character stays in the field on the newly rolled face and anything rolled energy goes to the prep area as if it was KO'ed. Is that right?

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    Anytime you "Reroll" a die, it stays where it is on its new face unless it can't be there. Characters rolled to characters in the Field stay in the Field on their new face, characters in the Field rolled to energy can't be in the Field, so they move to the Reserve Pool (and can now pay for Globals).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red_phoenyx View Post
    Apocalypse affects dice in Reserve pool? Said roll all dice that arenīt apocalypse, several persons said me that include Reserve pool of both players.
    Yes, re-roll effects do affect dice in the reserve pool.

    Apocalypse re-rolls every non-apocalypse character die and that will include any character dice that you have in your reserve pool at the time you field him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red_phoenyx View Post
    But only character dice in reserve o also energy dice?
    Any character die should be rerolled. Dice always know what kind of die they are, regardless of their face, so all character dice should count as characters for the effect of Apocalypse.

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