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Thread: Storm - Wind Rider

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    Storm - Wind Rider

    Storm - Wind Rider
    When fielded, reroll up to 2 opposing characters. Each die that does not roll a character goes to your opponent's used pile. Storm deals 2 damage to your opponent for each die moved.

    Question = dice that roll character faces... do they stay in the field on those new faces? That's what I'm thinking... but what is the case here. I'm confused on this aspect of every card that allows you to reroll characters that are already in the field.

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    If they get a character face they go back to the field on that character face. If they don't they go to used like the card says.

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    H Rerolling Dice
    Many powers allow you to “reroll” a die. When you reroll a die, it stays in the same area it was in unless (a) otherwise specified by the card text for the resulting face, or (b) it’s in a location that the die face cannot be (for example, an energy result in the field). If the die face cannot be in the specified location and its fate is not specified in the card text, move the die to the reserve pool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stack15 View Post
    Is it just me... or does moving an opponent's dice to their reserve pool during your turn... isn't that almost as good as moving it to the used pile? I mean there are a few instances of golbals where they could do something with that newfound energy, but for the most part it seems like it would go to waste.
    It depends on the Globals. Usually they will bring Globals corresponding to the energy types of the characters they brought, and that can definitely be utilized. But even so, the die will go to Used and have to cycle back through.

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