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    You've Been Chosen

    You've Been Chosen BAC

    Play only during your Main Step. Choose an energy type. All characters of that type must attack during their next Attack Step, and deal no combat damage. If these characters are unblocked, return them to the Field Zone instead of the Used Pile.
    I play this card, resolve according to card text on my attack turn. Does the effect carry over on my opponent's turn as well? Does my opponent also have to attack with same declared energy type?

    I'm assuming this is to be some type of removal tool. Or is there another purpose for this card?

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    Ordinarily effects end at the end of the turn. The way this is worded however implies that its card text overrides the rulebook and it should extend to your opponent's turn as well (to potentially force an attacker that you can KO).

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    Use to as an indirect Boardclear. So prepare your board in advance for the outcome.
    Also good for CHaracters that want Block (Beast AVX, Venom Uncommon, Mr.Fantastic, Red Skull, Hulk, etc...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zigjar View Post
    I love the potential of this card, but just can't quite figure out how to use it yet.
    I agree. I'm going to play around with and see if I can figure something out. At the very least, it might be a great stall card to buy an extra turn to get something up and running.

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