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    Arcadia Quest

    CMoN has announced that the next game in the Arcadia Quest series - Arcadia Quest:Inferno Kickstarter will launch in November. Who else is excited? This household LOVES Arcadia Quest. It's such a great dungeon crawl/PvP game. It's light enough that my daughter can play and plays well enough that I don't feel I'm missing out by not playing a Descent or Super Dungeon Explore.
    We don't have a lot of the promo minis (We have Nibbles because my daughter saw him and had to have him) and the Beyond the Grave expansion is next on the acquire list. Let's talk some Arcadia Quest!
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    With today's announcement by CMON that the Arcadia Quest:Inferno kickstarter will be starting on November 16th, my daughter and I thought what better time to get out the original Arcadia Quest and stream it on our Youtube channel tomorrow afternoon? We'd love to have folks tune in, chat with us we play, give us pointers, tell us who your favorite heroes are and why you are excited about the AQ:Inferno kickstarter. We should be starting around 1:00PM ET.

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    Not gonna be able to catch this because reasons, but sounds like it could be an awesome stream. Arcadia Quest is pretty fun. Kanga is my favorite, getting extra uses out of actions is always nice and the drawback can be negated by smart play.

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