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Thread: Uncommon Spray and "bonuses"

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    Uncommon Spray and "bonuses"

    Let's say I have Doctor Doom out that gives -1/-1 to all non-villains while active. Then I play this Prismatic Spray. All characters become 1/1, regardless of bonuses. So do all non-villains instantly get KO'd, or does the reminder text on Spray make them unaffected by Doom's while active ability?

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    I have a feeling it could go either where the -1/-1 is ignored if he is active while you use prismatic spray, or it would still affect other non-villains. If you want to make sure it works, use prismatic spray, then field dr. Doom to kill off everything else.

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    I think while active bonuses are still applied, using the logic that if you use the Ant-Man global you can't flip stats gained with a while active effect.

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    We have already been told that you cannot flip bonuses like Groot, that are "While active"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowmeld View Post
    We have already been told that you cannot flip bonuses like Groot, that are "While active"
    Exactly. So that tells me that "while active" bonuses are exempt from some effects that alter stats. I think the reminder text refers to targeted stat bonuses like Anger Issues, globals that increase attack or defense, or "when fielded" effects like Starhawk. It would even nullify basic actions like Blessing and Take Cover that give mass bonuses. But a lot of these are from actions, so as long as you are conscious of playing your own Pris Spray before these other actions, you'll be fine.

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    I think that for the purposes of Prismatic Spray, "bonuses" means any effect that that states characters "get" stats. Doctor Doom states that non-villains "get" -1A/-1D and so his "while active" effect is explicitly negated. Even though persistent effects that are based on "while" text are unaffected by swap effects like Ant-Man's global or the Transfer Power global, this effect is different. This effect does not swap stats, it dictates a new value and then says that this new value cannot be affected by bonuses. These are two very different things and I'd caution against using the same logic and rulings to cover both as you have an" apples and oranges" situation.

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    I understand your caution, but also put this to you @Necromanticer . Does this reminder text apply to bonuses applied after the spell is played?

    Another way of putting this is, if I play Blessing, then play spray, we can all agree that those buffs are removed. If I play spray, then play Blessing, which die trumps the other?
    Does the prismatic spray have "All characters... treated as if they had 1A and 1D until the end of the turn, (despite bonuses)"
    "All characters are treated as if they had 1A and 1D (instead of their normal values, regardless of bonuses) until the end of the turn."
    While both seem to mean the same thing, the second wording can be read such that, the ignoring of bonuses, is initial but not until end of turn. After all, it is parenthetical reminder text.

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    I'm glad you brought that up because I think it's the exact opposite. The parenthetical reminder text is placed there exactly so that you don't make the mistake of trying to apply null bonuses after the fact. Once prismatic spray drops, everything effected is going to be a 1/1 for the rest of the turn.

    It's a lot like the new BAC Stealth Ops. Stealth Ops makes the target character be treated as though they were level 1 for the rest of the turn. You wouldn't be able to use spin up and down abilityies on a character effected by it and similarly, you can't apply buffs or debuffs to characters effected by Prismatic Spray. These abilities do no apply and then end, they are an effect like any other that lasts until the end of the turn. Stealth Ops makes the character an unalterable level 1 and Prismatic Spray makes characters unalterable 1/1's.

    To put it simply and answer your question of "If I play spray, then play Blessing, which die trumps the other?" Spray trumps Blessing hands down. Spray causes an effect that makes characters 1/1. Applying buffs will not cancel the effect in place that makes characters a 1/1, so the buffs will be wasted.

    Spray even goes out of its way to include a reminder as to how the ability works in relation to other abilities and you're ignoring that. It is reminder text and you're choosing to forget it.

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