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Thread: What is your favorite 4X Game?

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    What is your favorite 4X Game?

    I am curious what is the best 4X for you?

    Mine would be a mix of Eclipse and Twilight Imperium 3rd Ed.

    But that never gonna happen so i am taking Runewars 2nd Ed.(gives me the most and in the time i play it).

    And if i could play it, it would be XIA: Legends of a Drift System.

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    I love Eclipse. Nails the exploration for me. Wish it had more politicking but it's my favorite.

    I love Xia too but I don't consider it 4x

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    I like Xia, but i'm also friends with the guy who is on the team for Space Empires. If you haven't checked Space Empires out, it bridges the gap between war games and 4X games.

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    Scythe has just gone live on Kickstarter 4X by stonemier games (who did viticulture and euphoria) looks very nice and a bit different

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    Stonemier makes some quality product for sure, sounds like one to check out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacBV View Post
    Right now our main 4x in rotation are Freedom Underground Railroad, Puerto Rico, Smash Up and TTR.

    Isaac, FYI, 4X games are games like civilization on the computer. These are games based on exploration, expansion, exploitation, and extermination. In essence, turn based versions of real-time strategy games like age of empires

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    I agree with everybody who said Eclipse - anyone in London can get a teaching game with me anyday! I sold Twilight Imperium 3 because I prefer the gameplay from Eclipse and the sci-fi experience of Battlestar Galactica.
    Shadowmeld, I really want to try Space Empires, one of the reasons being it works better with less players, whereas you need 4 or 6 with Eclipse. I'm really interested in Scythe - I've got 5 days to check the print and play before deciding whether to back!
    The 4x genre is great, but at the moment I think it is currently better served on computer games. What would make an excellent boardgame is heightening the political and social elements, and I don't think that has been done brilliantly yet. The greatest game is still to come!

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    I just picked up the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game - Rise of the Runelords.

    It's a blast it's 1-4 players out of the box and up to 6 with an expansion pack

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