I haven't seen this advertised as well as it should have been so I thought I would post it here. As part of a big Heroclix event there is going to be a $1,000 prize pool tournament. I'm not a part of running this but here is the information I could put together:

Dicemasters will be running 24/7 starting at 4:00 pm on Friday in the Dice Addiction game Room 2. See the schedule for details. Dice addiction will also run HCRealms Dicemasters $1K on Sunday. Top three players will receive prize money. 1st: $500 2nd: $300 3rd: $200
You have to register to play but registration is free. The event will be run by Dice Addiction (https://www.facebook.com/diceaddiction?hc_location=ufi).

You might be able to find more information on hcrealms but I didn't really. I know this isn't much notice but I kept expecting someone involved in the event to advertise it.