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Thread: Mass Mask Deck

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    Mass Mask Deck

    ***Disclaimer Yugioh aren't legal in our country due to "licensing issues" So no Morphing Jars or other Yugioh pieces

    Here is the Link

    Basically the theme of the deck is for board-wipe/Control
    Once clear all out attack.

    Comments are welcome


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    Where is your Mummy?

    and what is about him? He can be a great control on the passive side.

    And Gladiator would be top notch for this.

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    if you have zombie gladiator i suggest him with dimension door or stealth ops. then i suggest you use that. mummy is a good option. change halfling thief for halfling thief lesser lords alliance. to bad no yugioh...kinda strange that yugioh is illegal.

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    Mummy is nice, but would be a whole lot better if that version was a cost 4.

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