If this interests you at all, message me so that I can send you a list of my HeroClix haves and all. I'm not going to post that gigantic list here.

My DM want list isn't too big, but here it is:


# Set Title Subtitle
108 AvX Ghost Rider Brimstone Biker
109 AvX Green Goblin Norman Osborn
110 AvX Hawkeye Robin Hood
113 AvX Mr. Fantastic The Invincible Man
118 AvX Phoenix Jeannie
131 AvX Mr. Fantastic Elastic
132 AvX Wolverine Canucklehead
10 AvX OP Colossus Phoenix Force
107 UXM Mystique Alias: You
112 UXM Red Hulk Superhero
123 UXM Emma Frost Hellfire Club
125 UXM Scarlet Witch Controls Probability
126 UXM Spider-Man Superhero
135 AoU Captain Universe Enigma Force
136 AoU Groot We Are Groot
141 AoU Gladiator Intergalactic Terror
142 AoU Electro Cooked Meat
114 JL Catwoman Femme Fatale
128 JL Shazam! Strength of Hercules
136 JL Catwoman Nine Lives
70 BFF Elf Wizard Greater Order of the Gauntlet
78 BFF Minotaur Greater Humanoid
96 BFF Prismatic Spray Greater Spell
104 BFF Half-Dragon Paragon Humanoid
110 BFF Mummy Paragon Undead
115 BFF Skeleton Paragon Undead
117 BFF Umber Hulk Paragon Beast
118 BFF Unicorn Paragon Beast
127 BFF Stirge Epic Beast
2 BFF OP Elf Wizard Legendary Harper
3 BFF OP Dwarf Cleric Legendary Order of the Gauntlet
5 BFF OP Treant Legendary Beast
6 BFF OP Copper Dragon Legendary Dragon
1 BFF PR Minsc and Boo "Go for the eyes, Boo!"


AvX Beast 1
AvX Iron Man 2
AvX Mr. Fantastic 1
UXM Apocalypse 1
UXM Iceman 2
UXM Wolverine 1
AoU Loki's Scepter 2
BFF Half-Dragon 1
BFF Unicorn 1
BFF PR Minsc and Boo 1

If interested, message me. I have a majority of pieces, including chases, entities, SRs, and resources, from the Hammer of Thor set, but fuller sets starting with the Captain America set, up until the Nick Fury: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. set.

I have con exclusives, resources, objects, relics, chases, super rares, CURs, team bases, etc...

Anything you could imagine, I very likely have.